Two Years

Two years ago I woke from a week & a half long period of being highly highly drugged and treated on in ICU.
I don’t remember a thing from that week.

The day after I turned sixteen I went septic & my day nurse didn’t do anything about it.
I was throwing up all day, & running high fevers. He did nothing.
As the day went on, the worse I felt.

As soon as my night nurse started shift she knew something wrong.
At this point, it hurt to even think.

I was rushed down to ICU where I was put under.

Apparently, when asked who everyone was I told them my dad was my girlfriend, and my girlfriend was my sister.

I woke up not being able to move due to a drug they had given me to help.

It was a real bummer because I was supposed to be clear to leave the hospital for good.
This lasted a few more weeks.

But alas, now I am cancer free, & ready to partayyyyyyyy.

Thank you Jesus.